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We are now raising funds for running the club! Please support us if you can =)

As a small free student club, we are not very well-off financially. We hope to one day be able to afford a license for Hex-Rays' IDA Pro and their Decompiler plugin, but that's going to be significantly out of our budget for a long time. In the meantime, it would be great to be able to provide some food at our meetings, hack days, and CTF gatherings =) That's once the cost of this domain is repaid =P

SCSC is not-for-profit; all moneys raised will be put into the club to make it better.

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Private Internet Access

I'd think everyone on here would understand the utility of a VPN, right? Simply put, it keeps your shit private and unfiltered.

Private Internet Access are a great provider, and have plenty of features, e.g.:

  • Decent bandwidth without a usage limit
  • Melbourne endpoint - low latency impact
  • Leak protection
  • Linux support
  • Heaps of connection customisability options

These guys are super, even just for Netflix / BitTorrent / Popcorn Time, and somehow still have an excellently low price. At home, I [Brendan] am always connected via PIA.

Check it out:

Obviously, this should not be a black hat's only layer of protection; good opsec is important.