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See our calendar for upcoming events. We have a couple of types of meetings:

  • Club meetings (presentations)
    • Held fortnightly during semester
    • Each meeting usually has a couple of presentations. These typically involve technical detail on an aspect of information security, and can be targeted at varying skill levels. We aim to record (when we have permission to do so) as many as we can and publish them on YouTube – useful for those who can't make it to the meeting.
    • If you have something you'd like to present, let us know!
  • Hack days
    • Held each Sunday over the semester break
    • Bring your laptop, and be directed to work on suitable challenges from some great CTFs across all skill levels and categories. Don't let your learning lapse between semesters! Our hack days are where it all happens. Self-learn with company, taking the opportunity to play with some things you've never tried before. We lean on each other for tips, so this is a great place to skill up, show off, or just hang out. VMs and tools can be shared over the network when required.
  • CTF participation days (see CTF definition below)
    • Held for CSAW and CySCA
    • These are similar to our hack days, except we all work together on a live CTF competition.


The Swinburne Cyber Security Club was founded in 2012 after the first Cyber Security Challenge Australia (CySCA), a government-run CTF (definition below), run over 24 hours. The club formed with the initial goal of recruiting members for the following year's competition. Since then, the club has grown dramatically in size, and competed in several CTFs from around the world. See our achievements page.

For 2015, the club has shifted its focus away from preparing a competitive team for each CTF, to a more open community centered on furthering the knowledge of all members through meetings with demonstrations and tutorials tailored to varying skill levels. Meetings will be held on a regular basis, with material ranging from basic all the way through to advanced.


In our context, a "CTF" is a capture-the-flag competition where a set of hacking challenges are made available for teams to solve. Once a challenge is solved, a "flag" is obtained – when inserted into the competition's scoring system, your team is awarded a number of points. When the competition ends, a final scoreboard is published to declare the winners.


Obviously, hacking is an activity that typically receives scorn from the general public. The hackers mentioned in mainstream media are usually what is referred to in this industry as "black hat" – hackers with nefarious motive who do not have the permission of their target system's owner. Similarly, there are also "while hat" hackers – those who follow ethical hacking standards (including industry professionals); and "grey hat" hackers – people who partake in both legitimate and illegitimate hacking.

This club strongly promotes white hat hacking. Although the knowledge we impart to our members could be used illegally, it can also used for good. It is important to note that information security professionals are required in order to appropriately secure information systems; these people must come from somewhere. Regardless, if there is a vulnerability in a system, it must first be found in order to be patched. Training people in our art is an essential part of the I.T. industry.

Hacking is often referred to euphemistically, with names including "cyber security", "information security", or "penetration testing"; or the blended shortenings of these: "cysec", "infosec", and "pentesting".

2016 admin team / committee

  • Core:
    • Brendan Weibrecht – President
    • Alastair Knowles – Secretary
    • Naitik Parikh – Treasurer
    • James Hamlyn-Harris – Swinburne Staff Liaison
  • Additional:
    • Ben Jackson
    • Lachlan Connelly
    • Matt Iacono
    • Jeremy Drossinis
    • Karthick Siva

Past presidents

  • Adrian Justice – 2014
  • Callum Stewart – 2012-2013

Past committees


  • Brendan Weibrecht – President
  • Lachlan Connelly – Secretary
  • Ben Jackson – Treasurer
  • Jeremy Drossinis – Industry Liaison
  • James Hamlyn-Harris – Swinburne Staff Liaison
  • Matt Iacono
  • Karthick Siva


  • Adrian Justice – President
  • Lachlan Connelly
  • Ben Jackson
  • Jeremy Drossinis
  • Brendan Weibrecht
  • James Hamlyn-Harris – Swinburne Staff Liaison